Fastest JavaScript framework

I had to implement what I call a “row selector” for a web application.

It looks something like this (try it out by clicking the checkboxes in the first column):

Now, the tricky part is that this should work for large documents, say 500 rows.

I have implemented this with jQuery, Prototype, MooTools and pure JavaScript, and these are the results I get when toggling all 500 rows in IE8 on a Windows box with 512MB RAM:

  • jQuery 1.6.1: 2000ms
  • Prototype 1.7.0: 2450ms
  • MooTools 1.3.2: 6300ms (first toggle) / 1100ms
  • JavaScript: 250ms

These are some numbers for Firefox 5, running on the same machine:

  • jQuery 1.6.1: 150ms
  • Prototype 1.7.0: 120ms
  • MooTools 1.3.2: 230ms
  • JavaScript: 100ms

We have to support IE, so choosing the pure JavaScript version was a no-brainer.

Here are the results for the jQuery version on an iMac with 2GB RAM:

  • Google Chrome 12: 380ms
  • Safari 5: 150ms
  • Firefox 5: 140ms

It looks like Chrome is falling behind…

Try it out for yourself: jQuery, Prototype, MooTools and JavaScript.

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